How is Emerging Technology Incorporated into Human Resources Practices?


    How is Emerging Technology Incorporated into Human Resources Practices?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of organizational development, embracing new technologies is crucial. We've gathered insights from CEOs and HR leaders on how they're integrating cutting-edge tools into their practices. From AI's role in enhancing employee engagement to the impact of applicant systems on hiring, discover the transformative effects through these four expert perspectives.

    • AI Enhances Employee Engagement
    • Tech Streamlines HR Operations
    • Blockchain Boosts HR Security and Transparency
    • Applicant Systems' Impact on Hiring Practices

    AI Enhances Employee Engagement

    At Deepler, I've seen firsthand how integrating AI-driven technology can transform employee engagement. We introduced an AI-based digital sparring partner that asks tailored questions to uncover individual perspectives. It's a smart survey. This system ensures employees feel heard and valued, which dramatically increased job satisfaction and engagement. One example is when an employee voiced a need for more flexible working hours through the platform. This insight led us to implement a flexible work policy, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity and a noticeable boost in morale. By using technology to listen and respond to our team's needs, we created a more responsive and supportive workplace.

    Stijn van der Vat
    Stijn van der VatCEO & Founder, Deepler

    Tech Streamlines HR Operations

    New tech can enable Organizational Development teams to improve the efficiency of operations, as well as bring new possibilities.

    For example, the use of HR analytics helps make data- and market-driven decisions on compensation and benefits, employee engagement, and productivity, which can inform strategic planning and policy development. Some of the most important factors here are the collection of data, tracking, and accuracy.

    Another example of the use of emerging tech in Organizational Development is the automation of repetitive, administrative processes such as payroll, employment letter generation, notifications, reporting, performance management, and others. This not only helps HR experts focus on more strategic initiatives but also provides a quick turnaround time to employees, increasing satisfaction.

    It’s crucial to select and correctly implement a cloud-based Human Capital Solution that fits your organization. There are plenty in the market for both big and small organizations, which can provide security, scalability, and efficiency. These could also be integrated with other organizational ERPs in finance, procurement, or operations to maximize efficiency.

    These and other technologies help OD teams become more efficient and strategic, while also enhancing the employee experience.

    Khaji Kushumbayev
    Khaji KushumbayevSr. HR Business Partner

    Blockchain Boosts HR Security and Transparency

    We implemented blockchain technology to enhance the security and transparency of HR processes, such as payroll or employee records.

    As data was stored in an immutable ledger, where proof of any change is immediately recorded, we ensured the security of the data and prevented any possibility of fraudulent manipulation—both of which are characteristic of any system using these features.

    Our investment in blockchain technology has not only enhanced data security but also directly translated into financial benefits. The reduced time and possibility of administrative errors led to a 15-percent decrease in administrative costs for the very first year, a highly relevant benefit to any organization.

    In the end, the overall impact was a boost in our employees’ morale, enhanced the overall organizational culture, and is expected to improve our employees' performance.

    Sunaree Komolchomalee
    Sunaree KomolchomaleeHead of Human Resources, Cupid Digital PR Agency

    Applicant Systems' Impact on Hiring Practices

    Emerging technology is being incorporated into human resources' hiring practices a lot, with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) at many companies, with a primary focus on efficiency and productivity. While these systems are great for reminders and alerts, like CRM systems are in sales, they are actually flawed.

    Many job searchers are finding that automation enables every job listed on sites to be flooded with hundreds or thousands of applicants, making them feel defeated when they get no response. It also makes too many applicants obsessed with less important things, like keywords, over networking and building relationships with real people at their target companies. On the other side of the hiring table, recruiters and hiring managers are actually saying that excellent candidates are falling through the cracks.

    Alan Stein
    Alan SteinFounder & CEO, Kadima Careers